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Tuscan helichrysum honey

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The Tuscan Honey from Elicriso is actually a wildflower honey, embellished directly by bees, with essential oils that take from the flower of Elicriso. These oils give honey a characteristic and intense aroma reminiscent of spices. This fragrance is also clear on the palate. Honey with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is excellent on cheeses or, to best enjoy its unique characteristics, on slices of toasted bread. The Helichrysum plant is a perennial aromatic bush with a lignified base and herbaceous aerial part which renews every year. The linear leaves are similar to those of rosemary and covered with a whitish patina that gives off a strong and pleasant aroma. The flowers appear in late spring until September October and have a characteristic yellow color. It is a typical plant of the Mediterranean scrub which prefers uncultivated soils, stony grounds and sandy soils, well exposed to the sun.le.

SPECIFIC NOTES:It has a characteristic and intense aroma reminiscent of spices. It has expectorant, anti-asthmatic, antihistamine, antioxidant, draining and anti-inflammatory properties. Helichrysum is widely used both in cosmetics to produce creams, shower gel and perfumes, since it has a pleasant spicy smell as well as emollient properties, and in medicine.

SIZE:250 grams.

ORIGIN:Between Florence and Siena, on the hills that from the ancient Romanesque parish church of Santo Stefano a Campoli gently descend towards the villages of Mercatale in Val di Pesa and Montefiridofi 300 m asl. ).

STORAGE METHOD: At room temperature, away from sources of heat, light and humidity. Expiry date 18 months after packaging. Once opened, honey can be stored outside the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 20 and away from light. In fact, the high sugar content naturally present in this product prevents bacterial multiplication and the deterioration process..

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Ideal in the classic breakfast on rusks. Those who play sports consume honey. In fact, before, during and after a competition, it strengthens the muscles, increases endurance and promotes recovery. It is particularly indicated in the diet for children, in fact, unlike sugar, it favors the fixation of mineral salts; excellent to combine withcheeses.