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Wurstel artigianali di Norcia - Cose del Posto

Artisan sausages from Norcia

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Superior quality product prepared with only selected pure pork meats delicately flavored and stuffed in natural casings. To make this authentic delicacy, our artisan pork butcher carefully selects the pork which is then shredded to obtain a fine paste. Once stuffed in natural casing to obtain the individual and characteristic pieces, it is passed to the cooking phase. Subsequently, a light natural smoking with beech wood gives the product that taste that makes it delicious and inimitable.

SIZE: 400 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Without polyphosphates, gluten and milk derivatives. Vacuum pack.

INGREDIENTS:Pork meat, water, salt, spices, sucrose, flavorings, spice extracts, Antioxidant E301, COnservante E250. Inedible gut.



RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS:The frankfurters can be combined with everything and are eaten willingly in all seasons. Excellent for delicious sandwiches, they make delicious cold pasta salads, but they also cheer up winter salads. Pairing frankfurters is really easy, but to enhance their flavors it is good to know the perfect combinations:

CHEESE - Which cheese can you combine with frankfurters? The answer is simple: more than one. Definitely soft and not too seasoned cheeses, such as Pecorino Abbucciato from Valdarno,Pecorino Raw milk,Pecorino Marzolino,Cacio della Valdichiana isFresh goat cheese.

BEER - Better as clear as theCaberr or the24 Carat, orWise isNoble of the Eremo Brewery, theZythum of the Osiride brewery.

WINE - Structured and sincere red wines like the Umbrian ones:Montefalco red DOC,unspeakable isGrottombraa Profidia,Red of the Hump Raina,Red from Umbria Schippaa,Ciliegiolo Vallantica.

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