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Mortadella di Norcia - Cose del Posto

Mortadella di Norcia

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Made with the best lean parts of the pig, our mortadela has a tasty flavor and intense aroma. To make this authentic delicacy, our artisan pork butcher carefully selects the pork which is then shredded to obtain a fine paste. Then the characteristic fat cubes are prepared which give the salami a particular sweetness. The dough resulting from the shredding is first subjected to bagging and then to a long cooking. In this phase, which is the most delicate, dry air stoves are used. Immediately after the time comes for the cold shower and finally the rest in the cooling cell. Our mortadella does not contain gluten or milk derivatives and is produced without the addition of polyphosphates.i.

SIZE: 600 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Pure pork mortadella Stuffed in natural vat.

INGREDIENTS:Pork meat, salt, spices, flavorings, dextrose, antioxidant E301, PISTACHIO, Preservative E250. Inedible gut.



CONSUMER OPPORTUNITIES:With a delicate and aromatic scent, Mortadella lends itself to various preparations and different uses in the kitchen. In short, it is an extremely versatile product. To start, it can naturally be eaten in slices or cubes, accompanied by bread, as an appetizer, but its uses certainly do not end there. In fact, Mortadella is a constant presence in many traditional and modern dishes. 

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