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Prosciutto di Norcia I.G.P. - Cose del Posto

PGI Norcia ham

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The area of origin of the PGI Norcia ham is that of the municipalities of Norcia, Preci, Monteleone di Spoleto and Cascia. The altitude always above 500 meters creates particular climatic and environmental conditions which play a decisive role in the seasoning process. As our Craftsman of Cured Meats reminds us, the processing requires that the fresh leg is salted a first time with sea salt; after about 5/6 days a second salting is carried out and, after about 15 days, it is desalted and placed in pre-rest cells. After about 10 days, the grooming, hip and various aesthetic imperfections are groomed and put to rest in cold rooms. After 100/120 days the ham is washed and placed in a drying oven for about 1 week, after which it is brought to the pre-seasoning rooms. Once the product has reached a certain weight loss, a first grinding is carried out. This work consists of covering some parts of the ham with fat. The ham is stored again in the seasoning cells until completely ripe. At the end of the seasoning, the product is checked and a final grouting is carried out. Therefore the minimum guaranteed seasoning is 12 months. The appearance when cut is colored from bright red to light red with little presence of infra and ultramuscular fat, pure white subcutaneous fat with light pink veins, compact, free of cleavage lines between the layers and well adherent to the underlying surface muscular, with an intense aroma and spicy flavor, enhanced with a fairly thick cut of the slices.o spesso.

SIZE: About 9 kilograms.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Protected Geographical Indication I.G.P. of European Union. The area of origin is that of the municipalities of Norcia, the city of Brancaleone, Preci, Monteleone di Spoleto, Poggiodomo and Cascia. The altitude always above 500 meters.metri.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Seasoning: minimum 13-16 months; slightly spicy aroma, savory but unsalted flavor.

INGREDIENTS:Pork leg, salt, natural flavors. Sugna: pork fat, rice flour, salt, natural flavors.


STORAGE METHOD: Cool and dry place


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: In ham, proteins are of high quality, rich in essential amino acids and therefore with high nutritional value. During the seasoning, the enzymes, of which the lean part of the ham is rich, determine a process of protein predigestion: the proteins are progressively broken making the individual amino acids available: good proteins immediately available. It has a good content of easily assimilable iron, but also phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium.o.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: PGI Norcia ham is the maximum expression of the Norcina tradition to be consumed at any time of the day. Appreciated in the creation of tasty and flavorful appetizers both alone and in combination with fruits of various types or other meats andCheeses medium seasoning in the classic mixed cutting boards. It is also used in condiments for first courses, white or red as well as to garnish succulent second courses. It is excellent to taste with the tasteless bread, with the Pizza Pasquale with Cheese , also combined with soft cheeses or cooked grass. We recommend accompanying it with oneBeer double malt.

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