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Zuppa Fantasia - Cose del Posto

Fantasy soup

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The Soup Fantasy of Legumes and Cereals is a mix of broad beans, borlotti beans, peas, cannellini beans, pearl barley, chickpeas, hulled red lentils and Colfiorito lentils. It is a very tasty dish that can also be considered a single dish given the concentration of nutritional factors present and in particular the protein intake constituted by the union of cereals and legumes.

WEIGHT:500 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Soup with legumes and cereals, soaking 12 hours, cooking 60 minutes.

INGREDIENTS:Broken shelled broad beans, borlotti beans, broken shelled peas, cannellini beans, pearl barley, chickpeas, red shelled lentils and lentils. It may contain traces of gluten.

PRODUCER:La Valletta Colfiorito Srl

Average nutritional values per 100g of product Energy 1032kJ (247kcal) Fats 3.5g - of which saturated fatty acids 0.5g Carbohydrates 32.2g - of which sugars 2.4g Fibers 25.6g Proteins 21.7g Salt 0.01g


STORAGE:Dry place.

AVERAGE DEADLINE:18/24 months.

RECOMMENDED PAIRINGS:The fantasy soup of legumes and cereals is rich in nutrients, excellent as a single dish to be served with croutons and extra virgin olive oil .